Welcome to Alterna home of the Alterna Electric Cycle

What is Alterna?

Alterna is a new Electric Cycle which which is currently in the prototype phases of development. Our focus is simple, stick to the core ingredients that make two wheel transportation fun: The Range to Roam, the Power to Roost, and Handling which makes it easy to have fun.

Where we are at.

The current state of the project includes a high power hub motor tied to a wide tire chassis with a centrally mounted battery. Our goal with this package is 45mph on flat ground with a range of 45 miles. Right from the beginning we are experimenting with a removable battery which serves a functional purpose outside the Alterna package. Everyone appreciates spare power and the ability to capture energy off peak power or through alternative means, and not every day is a ride day, some days you need power around the camp, or shop, or at the worksite.

Keeping things basic.

We want to get it right. This is a prototype, and with it we want to understand more than just mileage and speed but also geometry and handling. It is not enough that Alterna gets you places but also swiftly and with an emphasis on lively but predictable handling. The size and stand-over height is intended to replicate the easily controllable mini bikes, mopeds or moto-cycles of the past. The frame is designed around a medium travel fork and a rigid rear for the purposes of having motor torque more directly effecting forward thrust and not lost in suspension effected weight transfer. Larger volume tires help absorb the trail and provide a nice moto esque turn in feel. Once power and reliability levels for a city commute, and speed and durability for an afternoon in the fireroads is reached, our goal will be met.