Alterna Prototype 1

Alterna Prototype 1 – Finally the time has come to start building, so its time to share some specs and details about the first build.  Some background, our history is both mountain biking, and moto so when it came time to build our focus was not on creating a electric mountain bike, it was rather to create a modern alternative to the early motor cycles which were bicycles with engines.  Read our Welcome for more details about our goals.  On to the specs.

Frame:  Simple bike frame with clearance for wide variety of tire sizes including mounting locations for bodywork and controller.
Suspension:  Fat Tire air fork with 130mm travel, set to 100mm travel for alternate setup.
Wheels/Tires:  60mm wide rims with 3.0-4.5in MTB tires.
Bodywork:  Fabri-cobbled carbon/3d printed laminate including front fender and light mounts with optional number plates or luggage accessories.
Battery:  72v 14ah, 18ah, or 24ah in two frame mounted locations.  Initially starting with flexible zip tie bags until volume and locations are finalized.  To make this power we are using 20s 18650’s with their own BMS chained together via XT60/xt90 connectors.  We are looking at more permanent setups. (update: new designs for battery pack size and bms have been suggested and supply is in the works)
Motor:  MXUS 3k Turbo V3, MXUS 5k and MXUS
Controller:  18 Mosfet with no lcd, considering multiple options for more power with some display or app based control.

Range:  Currently Tested 10- Target 45 miles
Speed: Currently Tested 38mph  – Target 45 mph
Acceleration:  Fun!






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