Concept 1

Bespoke, Composite, Do anything Electric Cycle, offered in 3 drivetrain packages.


Lightweight, nimble, and quick; with 140mm of travel and 1kw of power the 113 is a great singletrack slayer, or daily commuter.  Expect brisk acceleration up to 25mph, and great regen performance in the same Concept 1 Carbon Modular frame.

Expected Use:
Commuting, Touring, Training, Trail Riding, Adventure Riding, Road Riding,

Powertrain: 1kw Geared Hub Motor
Battery: 1.3 kwh Battery (Optional Removable Battery)
Suspension: 100-140mm Travel
Human Drivetrain: 1×10
Wheel Size: 27.5 or 29
Tire Fitment: 1.8-2.6in
Weight: 60lbs (Equipment Dependent)


Aggressive, fast, and fun; the 315 comes with 160mm of trail dominating travel, and 3kw of silent smooth turbine like power from a rear hub motor powered by a 1.5kwh Removable Battery attached to the Concept 1 Carbon Modular Frame.

Expected Use: 
Trail Riding, Adventure Riding, Road Riding, Off Road Riding(OHV), Backyard Racing.

Powertrain:  3kw Direct Drive Motor
Battery: 1.5 kwh Removable Battery
Suspension: 140-160mm Travel
Human Drivetrain: 1×10
Wheel Size: 27.5
Tire Fitment: 2.25-2.8in
Weight: 65lbs (Equipment Dependent)


Loud, abrasive, and amazing in every way; the 717 comes equipped with 7kw of mid drive power through an 8 speed derailleur drivetrain.  The 717 isn’t for the faint at heart, but to those who dare, nothing is as rewarding as timing the shifting right.  Power on wheelies, cassette shattering torque, you must get it to want it.

We are serious, don’t order unless you are ready to ride and maintain this extraordinary drivetrain.

Expected Use:
Low Level Orbit, Roosting, Chasing Motos, Hare Scrambles.

Powertrain: 7kw Mid Drive Motor
Battery: 1.3-1.5 kwh Removable Battery
Suspension: 170-200mm
Human and Mid Drivetrain: 1×8 Ebike Specific
Wheel Size: 27.5, 26, or Moto
Tire Fitment: 2.25-3.0in
Weight: 65lbs (Equipment Dependent)

Built to be used.  Raced and abused.

Alterna Cycles does not do model year changes, we develop a modular platform on a 7-10 year development cycle.  Incrementally improving as technology advances, committed to pass those advances to our customer.


Building the best electric cycles, bespoke, in the USA.
For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.